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Internal project management system for StudioAKT. Like every agency after a certain point we needed a better project management system. We dabbled with Basecamp (back before they owned basecamp dot com) but when you consider every t-shirt design (or even just every design client) a separate project it gets crazy expensive.

In 2009 I recognized that we had to use something but absolutely could not stand the open source one we were using at the time, so sitting in MCO before making our annual trip to Bamboozle to meet band clients and slang t-shirts I downloaded CakePHP and tried to kill 2 birds with one stone: I'd get familiar with Cake and make a new project management system during the flight.

Nothing like the (in)famous Bill Gates moment, the flight said more about Cake's rapid development capabilities than mine, but it was enough to get the project running and WorkSucks was born. Four years later it was used for more than just design and development projects.

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