Playlist Live

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Annual three-day YouTube convention in Orlando, FL. Playlist brought together fans, industry minds and creators ranging from those just starting and top talent including Smosh, long-time top channel and YouTube's "number one" at the time, to have an amazing weekend. It included classes, one-on-one time with top creators, meet-ups and nonstop performances.

Playlist Live was created in 2010 when I pitched the concept to my then-partners and gave it a name. As Producer I worked to secure special guests for our new event and constructed the event's programming & marketing plan, including successful video, blog, mailing list & social media campaigns. We needed sponsors to make an event this large happen so I handled sponsorship sales as well.

After using Eventbrite the first year we wanted a more cost effective and customizable option so I built a custom ticket sales & management system that we continued to grow over over the years.

In 2013, my last year with the company, we tested out my custom-built RFID badge system.

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