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Self-serve system to help creators sell third-party branded merch on District Lines. By 2012 my team and I had signed a significant number of popular YouTube creators for merchandise deals so I turned some of my efforts to improving sales of our existing clientele. One big target for me was channels that generated millions of monthly views but whose merch numbers didn't seem to match up.

At this point we had several deals in place for selling merch from massive brands so the next logical step was to build Product Picks, a referral system built directly into District Lines. Store owners can sell products from popular, widely recognized brands in their own District Lines store and earn a portion of the revenue.

Products included merch from massive brands like Adventure Time, The Legend of Zelda & Minecraft. Some examples were the Adventure Time Finn hats in Mitchell Davis' store and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles backpack in the Jenna Marbles store.

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